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Study of biology

Biology is the science that studies the origin, evolution and characteristics of living things and their life processes, their behavior and their interaction with each other and with the environment. Biology deals with describing and explaining the behavior and characteristics that differentiate living things, either as individuals, either taken as a whole, as a species.

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Master of Biology

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What is biology

Biology is the study of factors, including a wide range of fields. As a lover of biology, there are many interesting branches of biology that you will see that none of you may be worried about.

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That means less competition for admission to a long list of choices you will have. As can be seen in the online biology section of this article, there are 50 different branches of biology.

For people to improve their productivity in order to modify the technology to study living organisms. The study of animal husbandry, plant cultivation, and the specific intended use of new and improved varieties to create a set of genetic changes.

Biotechnology and genetic engineering technology, cells or tissues at a wide range of applications.

Biology is the study of life and physical structure of living organisms, evolution, physiological processes, chemical processes, and molecular interaction in terms of development.

This is a very broad understanding of the complex reality that is the subject of mathematics, physics and other sciences, such as chemistry.
Biotechnology, biology research-intensive fields.

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