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Nursing Assignment Help

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To understand the topic, let’s elaborate on this field first.

Introduction of Nursing Department

All human activity of a professional nature is based on the fundamentals that allow to design a genuine practical and true to the basic concepts that give meaning to this profession.

This is particularly the case of nursing, a discipline based on so-called structuring central concepts, health, the person, the environment and care that all, coach and guide the practice of nursing.  Who continues to evolve by integrating new knowledge and technologies while respecting its conceptual framework that gives it meaning.

In the following work, the first part is devoted to defining each of the four concepts mentioned above based on our personal baggage, without performing any reading or research that could influence in any way the formulation definitions.

Then, the second part will outline the different definitions of the same concepts by other authors and researchers in nursing science in order to compare the different definitions and highlight points of similarity and disparity.

The aim will be to explain how this thinking and new ideas gained from this work will influence future professional practice.

Start by defining what is a care?  it is simply caring for a person who is unable to care for herself.  However, if this word is used in connection with the nursing field, the definition changes perspective.  Thus, this simple care becomes a technical act that aims to cure or prevent a medical condition in a person.

In connection with the person, it is defined as an individual, regardless of gender, age, color, language, culture or values, but who has a physical or mental condition that requires adequate care.  Thus, the physical needs, psychological or individual who defines his person.

 As for health, the definition is rather complex because it is a very relative concept as the disease.  Thus, health is the absence of illness, pain or any form of suffering whether physical, psychological or mental, which may prevent a person from realizing what she wants.

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What is a nurse TFE?

A TFE (working graduation) nurse allows nursing students to validate the nurse State diploma.

Nursing TFE is a diploma to be performed during the last year of study in IFSI (Institute of Training in Nursing).  Only after confirming the first 5 semesters of training, and making all the courses and tests, do students present their nursing assignment before a jury.

The approach and research will be supervised by a supervisor.  It is generally the training institute and will be one of two people to evaluate nursing assignments.

The Methodology of a Nursing TFE

Here are the steps for making a nurse TFE:

Developing a research note to detail the project (subject, research question, problem). The conceptual framework to detail theoretically the responses on subjet. The empirical part answers the difficulties in confirming or reversing assumptions.  The answers are obtained in the field with questionnaires or entretiens. Must make recommendations to the profession.

The instructions of a nurse TFE

A nurse TFE must allow students to present knowledge and information while applying the methodology required to practice as a nurse.

Nursing TFE is realized in the EU framework (Teaching Unit) “quality analysis and treatment of occupational science.” This is the last semester of the course: nursing TFE is evaluation.  It also validates the EU “introduction to the research process.”

A nurse TFE needs to develop certain skills:

Logical reasoning; assimilation of knowledge acquired during university education; ability to apply this knowledge in a professional environment.

The success of nurses passes TFE by the interest of the subject, the quality of the reasoning, the academic interest of the original question and the student’s ability to apply theoretical concepts. It is imperative to:

Our tips for successful nurse TFE

  1. The topic of nurse TFE, choose the right topic!

 Pay attention to your choice of subject. It must have an academic interest.

  1. The conceptual framework of nursing TFE, choose up to three concepts

 Do not use more than three different concepts.  The quality of your reasoning is judged on how you use these concepts to argue your practical part.

  1. Combine theoretical skills with practice

 Nursing TFE is evaluated on several criteria, but the main one being your ability to use your theoretical knowledge in practice, particularly in a professional context.

Your practical research (questionnaires, interviews …) must approach your subject and highlight the positives, problems and recommendations.

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